St. Matthew 28:11

Nov. 20, 2021

11Now when they were going, behold, some of the watch came into the city, and shewed unto the chief priests all the things that were done.

The ‘watch’ refers to the Roman soldiers who had been ordered by Pilate to see to it that no one interfered with the tomb.

I have to confess that I have what may be considered an odd sense of humor but of your charity, allow me to express that I find this ‘situation’ hilarious. Why? Because the Sanhedrin and Pilate were worried about what might happen on the outside of the tomb. None of them gave a moment’s thought about what might happen INSIDE the tomb. Hard headed – and hard hearted – men of the day, they had no more belief in His resurrection than they would a prediction of a shower of cats falling from the sky.

It seems to me, two thousand plus years and hundreds of Bible studies later, that it would occur to these men that Jesus had defied what could be considered the ‘nature of things’ with healings, exorcisms, and certainly the raising from the dead Lazarus, the little twelve year old girl, and the only son of a grieving mother. Did it not occur to them that perhaps they were dealing with someone a great deal more important than an ordinary itinerant street preacher?

But we do have to keep in mind that we do have the benefit of those two thousand years full of serious study and serious thought from brilliant men throughout history who helped to inform us. And to them, the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Faith, and our own good priests, we should be ever grateful.


4 thoughts on “St. Matthew 28:11”

  1. Well there you go Audre, how many,people would have thought about what was going on INSIDE the tomb? No-one. Not even the disciples or other follwers of Jesus because they were shocked when they saw the stone at the entrance had been rolled away while Mary Magdalene mistook the Lord for a gardener for goodness sake. No, the Jewish leaders and Pilate did not recognise the greatness of the man, they were aftaid of him and what he had to say but they had no belief or understanding of who He really was. The hindsight of two thousand years is a glorious thing Audre and all the thinkers, theologians, priests who have long since turned to dust have each, as you so rightly say, helped us to understand the man that was the living God, human yet divine at the same time and the best of our priests continue to do so.

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