St. Mark 4:30

Dec. 11, 2021

30And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it?

Being a tiny human in comparison to the vastness of Emmanuel, I chuckle to myself when I read this verse. The home I was born into was a lovely place, well tended and cared for by my parents. We had a yard in the back and a front porch. It had seven rooms. My telling you this doesn’t give you any idea of what it looked like, how it felt, or what it meant to me. Now Jesus, Who was begotten before all worlds, is going to try to describe the kingdom of God. Maybe now you can see why the verse makes me chuckle.

The Old Testament gives descriptions of ancient empires; Babylon (Dan 4:10-12), Egypt (Ezek31: 1-6), and Israel (Ezek 17: 22-24). (Ignatius Catholic study Bible). Revelation 21: 16-21 gives the cubits, the length and width and height but it no more describes “…the kingdom of God” than my description of my family home.

In verse 31 of St. Mark, Jesus goes on to compare His ministry to the mustard seed – the smallest of seeds – which becomes a huge shrub; the Apostles will go on to spread the Good News to various countries and the believers will spread the Good News everywhere. I will be bold and say that today, I don’t believe there’s anyone on the face of the planet that hasn’t at least heard the name Jesus.

But it’s Advent and the Baby is in the manger. In that tiny body is Genesis and Revelation and everything in between. This Baby was before Genesis and is long after Revelation. This tiny Body holds the vastness of the universe. Amen. And again I say Amen.


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