7 Last Sayings from the Cross


Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit

Jesus trusting in God the Father – as He always did; as He always will. This cry is also a fulfillment of Psalm 31: 5. Jesus fulfilled all things.

But His work was not yet over. Because we are flesh, He came to us in flesh. Now set free from the body, He goes to where the souls of the dead are and offers salvation to those born before He walked with us. He offered the Good News of God the Father to the very first humans, Adam and Eve, all the way to those who passed while He yet walked with us. Salvation – deliverance from sin and its consequences.

Sometimes, all the words in our rich vocabulary pale along side the effort to describe certain things because the thing is beyond comprehension. Like the love of God and the work of Jesus. How can we humans express how great the Father’s love? We can’t. We can’t express it because it is bigger than we can fathom. My favorite way of thinking of it came from a Christian song; “how far the east is from the west” (East to West; Casting Crowns). And I think of that huge statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:


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