This morning …

June 20, 2022

I made the mistake of looking at some news videos before posting on the blog. Mistake. Big. Evidently there are no happy people in America – or Canada, or the UK, or in any of the Western countries. I had already done the Morning Office and that generally sets me up for the rest of the day but looking at the news saddened and worried me and that’s not a good way to start any day. We, as Christians, are not to be depressed because we have God, Who is always with us and will never leave us nor forsake us. But we are human and the onslaught of ‘bad news’ begins to wear on a person and color not only our days but our thoughts as well.

So, to get my head and heart right again, I went to two other videos. They lift me up on angel’s wings. They transport me to that place where there is no pain and no tears. Where the light of it is Jesus. The voice you will hear in these videos is just a well-trained male voice that belonged to a man as human and broken as everyone else in the world. But something happens when he sings. I am elevated. We are taught, as Christians, that we should have no ups and downs in our faith and belief – that we should be at a steady level of feeling toward the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yes – we should. But fallen and broken humans are just that – fallen and broken. Quite frankly, I don’t think God minds when we listen to these things and experience a thrill, a tear, a sigh of joy and contentment. I hope that these two videos will elevate you, as well.

I pray these videos give you the same peace they give me.


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