I think God …

July 17, 2022

Must have a sense of humor. I’m pretty sure of it, in fact. I went to bed at 10:30 p.m., so tired I had trouble keeping my place in the Office of Evening Prayer – had to do a few ‘repeats’ to get them right. Got settled in bed, and fell asleep within minutes. Only to wake at 1:55 a.m. Sigh.

I do Morning Prayer as soon as my eyes function properly. I read them in the bright light of the computer screen but I don’t look at anything on the computer until my Prayers are done – God comes first. I think God chuckles when I have to read confession three hours after my last confession. He knows it’s not going to hurt me any to do it. He also knows I’m a ‘good girl’ and that absolutely nothing that should be confessed has happen in the three hours I spent in bed that I can’t tell Him about in front of my great granddaughters. I think He chuckles. He thinks it’s good practice for me and of course He’s right but wouldn’t He be just as right if I woke up at, say, 6 a.m.?

There is a certain charm to being awake this early in the morning – the house inside and world outside are quiet and peaceful. Just me and the moon hanging out together. Even the birds are sleeping. I know His eye is on the sparrow but I wonder why He lets them sleep longer than me. But birds are busy creatures and they need their rest and I am a fallen and broken human who needs the quiet time with God. I think that’s His idea, anyway. He’s probably right; He always is.

What will happen is, at 10:30 this morning, I’ll be at Mass and my eyes will start to close and my head will begin to get closer to my chest. I’ll have to ‘rutch around’ (my mother’s phrase for squirming in one’s seat) to stay awake. There will, of course, be confession. I think He hides His giggle behind His mighty hand.

Yup. I’m pretty sure God has a sense of humor.


4 thoughts on “I think God …”

  1. God has a sense of humour? Well, I jolly well hope so! He was probably chortling the Sunday morning I was driving round in circles trying to find Holy Trinity, letting me get within a few hundred yards and then sending me in completely the opposite direction until I had to give up and drive home crying with frustration. My second attempt was successful, I was being tested of course. I found my way to Holy Trin and He knew I was serious about my commitment. Makee ME laugh now when I think about it although I was sorely disappointed at the time. as you know.

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    1. He was looking for perseverance – and you showed it to Him. Your reward is a church you love, a priest you can respect, and new friends to add to your life. Not a bad reward for one messed up trip, huh?

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