I wasn’t born …

August 17, 2022

with the computer gene. When I was born, computers – and especially the exotic ‘personal’ computer – were still science fiction. What changes we’ve seen in a lifetime.

I’ve mentioned that it’s my habit to do Morning Prayer as soon as I get my eyes open and functioning. Then I take a quick look at Face Book to see what the family has been up to and then I write here.

I couldn’t gain access to anything that was set up based on my AOL account and email address. Which meant I couldn’t access this blog. For two whole days (which felt a lot more like two whole years), I didn’t have the ability to write. It was yesterday when it occurred to me that writing here is like a daily devotional. I read the New Testament verses each day based on the listing in the Lectionary of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, then I copy and paste them into the blog, do whatever changes need to be done (such as making bold and italic the direct words of Jesus that you might see in red letters elsewhere – this site won’t do that) and then I think about the verses and what they’re saying to us.

Sometimes it’s fairly simple and straight-forward, but sometimes I need to use my reference books, and sometimes … I just have to sit quietly with the verses and let them open themselves to me. To sit quietly and give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to break through all my noise. The Holy Spirit takes my hand and as I type, He stands at my shoulder and guides me. Those, of course, are the best posts because I don’t have a ‘ghost’ writer, the Holy Ghost has an audre writer.


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