Just another …

September 2, 2022

Day in the life. Every day starts with Morning Prayer; the praises and gratitude due an awesome God and His love for us.

I have to laugh – we have to remember that prayer is not a talisman. Life will confront you whether you’ve said your prayers or not. But through prayer we’re reminded we’re never alone and we’re given strength to get through whatever each day holds for us.

I had issues with this platform yesterday (I often wish I had been born with the ‘computer gene’). There is a major renovation that needs to be done on our house and I thought I had, after over a month of searching, found the company and contractor to do the work only to find out I didn’t and so the search must continue (sigh). My husband is having a minor procedure done next week about which we have little concern until the Veterans Administration pharmacist called and said over these days before the procedure, I’m to remove certain medications from the total my husband takes each day. No big deal, right? Unless, of course, you’re me – someone who takes this stuff very seriously. Because each day the medication changes until the day of the procedure, it’s up to me to be certain that he’s getting what he needs and not getting what he’s not supposed to have leading up to the surgery. I have no medical training! There’s no Ph.D after my name! I have, of course, graduated from Mom University of Childhood Medicine but my children never took heart medicine and blood thinners and heart healing whatevers and if I mess up the medications is it going to cause complications during or after the surgery? I don’t want this responsibility! I’m no brighter than I ought to be and this is big scary stuff! Sigh. Because ‘it’s all his fault’, I made my husband sit next to me and watch me match the instructions of the pharmacist as I organized his pill regime for the coming week so that he would have some misery, too. It loves company, you know – misery. He thinks I’ve lost my mind and I think he’d better be praying that I haven’t!

Add to all that – I had done a grocery shop and was so proud that I brought it in for less than a hundred dollars (how is it possible that two old people who only eat once or twice a day simply because we don’t do much anymore and don’t get hungry like younger folks do, spend over a hundred dollars at the supermaket???). Then yesterday had to do another shop to get the things I forgot on the first shop which, of course, put me over the hundred dollar mark. Do you see where this is going?

Considering all of the above, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday (between freak-outs and melt-downs) watching two YouTube videos. No – not kitties and puppies; Mario Lanza singing the Lord’s Prayer and the Ave Maria. They calm me. They transport me. They heal me. I am reminded that I am not alone and that, like another hymn – It is Well with My Soul. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Just another …”

  1. A day familiar to most of us in some way. I haven’t got a husband to worry about nor loads of medictions to organise but I do have a quite demanding but totally delightful cat, a part time job (all of five days a month) and a newly formed Twitter habit to fit in around a typical day’s lolling about drinking tea, reading, obsessive cooking, emails, YouTube and keeping up to date with other people’s blog posts. It’s exhausting!

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