Praise God …

October 1, 2022

From Whom all blessings flow!

Here in St. Pete, we fared far better than those poor souls south of here. My 98 year old house, that has weathered many a storm, finally had enough, I guess. Huge leak in the ceiling over the kitchen floor. My husband had three big pots on the floor and had to empty them every ten minutes! That will give you an idea how much rain Ian was packing. We live on some of the highest ground in Florida and so we didn’t have to evacuate and we had no flooding issues (except in the house, lol!)

My husband has been having some back issues and that was made worse by the bending and lifting he had to do with the pots so he spent a lot of time in bed. Which left me on my own. I’m an adult … I can entertain myself. For awhile, anyway. Probably 100 games of solitaire; mahjong on my tablet (which I was able to charge on my ‘power tower’ (only $63 on Amazon); I created a word game (actually – I remembered it from elementary school when the teachers used to give it to us when they were busy). I used the word ‘establishment’ and was able to find 81 words!

Using our big ‘trouble lights’ (flashlights on steroids), I was able to do Morning and Evening Prayer each day (what a comfort in times of trouble!). Usually, on Thursdays, I get together with a dear friend in England and we do a devotion (via Face Book live chat) – we alternate between the Litany and the Penitential Office. Of course, we were out of electric from Wednesday afternoon til 4:10 Friday afternoon so I did the Penitential Office by myself. It is trendously moving and humbling. If you use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, you can find the Litany on page 54 and the Penitential Office on page 60. Either one of them you might want to take up for yourself.

So here we are on Saturday – none the worse for wear. Thanking God a million times for His grace and mercy. Only two more months til Hurricane season is over. What does the Bible tell us? “Fear not”.

Hurrican Ian is now wrecking parts of the Carolinas and our prayers go out to them.


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