October 30, 2022

Let’s have a little chat, shall we?

The more we study the Bible and read commentaries and articles about the Bible, we come across some interesting notations. Case in point, the reading for today (20th Sunday after Trinity [Sunday]) is St. Matthew 19: 3 – 9a. What does the ‘a’ refer to? The ‘a’ is a reference to the first part of the verse; it can also be a ‘b’, referring to the next part of the same verse; there can also be a ‘c’ reference if that verse is long.

Cf. Another notation. We see these in articles and commentaries; it means ‘compare’. It’s used to bring attention to another reference comparing a topic, which can be similar or quite different.

I thought this site was fun and that you might be interested in facts about the Bible: If you key ‘fun facts about the Bible’, look at number of entries you will find. Enjoy reading the ones you choose.

But! Be very careful; you want to make sure what you’re reading is factual so do a little research on the source you’re viewing to make sure it is legit … sometimes some weird stuff comes up that should be avoided at all costs. But you knew that, didn’t you? Of course you did.


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