Tomorrow we go back …

January 14, 2023

And start again with the ‘ordinary time’ Lectionary.

I was in a quandry, what to write about today but was given the answer. The requiem Mass for a founding member of the church I attend, Christ the Redeemer, prompted what I should look at today.

No; not going to discuss death and the promises of Jesus. Instead, the processional hymn caught my heart and my attention. This video is set up a little differently than most – the lyrics are at the very top of the video screen, in small letters, but they are still (at least for me) able to be read.

The stanzas here touch my heart. Especially the last one. “Til he become the place wherein the Holy Spirit makes his dwelling.” I can think of nothing so wonderful as to become, no longer myself, but simply a mirror of Jesus, to dwell within the third Person of the Trinity, pointing always toward Jesus.

My dearest friend in England loves the big choirs and big orchestrations that Great Britain is so well known and loved for. She has an excellent ear and a deep appreciation. I am her direct opposite, lol. I love the simple versions of the hymns – the ones that sound like your listening to someone’s private personal prayers. This version, below, is as ‘orchestrated’ as I’m apt to like … and even then it’s a little over the line. But the words … oh, the words .


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