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I can’t decide.

July 31, 2022

There are three New Testament readings given for this Sunday, the Seventh Sunday after Trinity*: Romans 6: 12-18; John 15: 12-27; Hebrews 6.

I’ve read all three but can’t decide which to highlight here. I read each set and think, “Yes! This is the set of verses we should look at today!” But one set can’t be placed ‘above’ the others as they all tell the truth and so I can’t decide.

I have a suggestion to make: if you go to King James Version Online ( https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/), at the top of the home page, you’ll see the drop-downs – the first one for the books of the Bible (click on the book you want), the second for the chapter of the book you want to look at (click the chapter), and the third for the verse you want to start with (click the number). You can choose Romans 6:12-18. Then open a new tab in the King James Version Online and choose John 15: 12-27. Then open yet another tab in the King James Version and choose Hebrews 6. Now you are able to look at all three selections next to each other. It’s possible to ‘hear’ the different voices of the writers, see the different areas the writers point us to, and easily visualize the wholeness of the story of Jesus.

Each one of you will find those voices that speak to you personally, that have something special that resonates with you. I’d be very much interested to hear which set of verses touched you.

  • 1928 Book of Common Prayer; the Lectionary*