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Praise God from Whom all blessings flow

June 25, 2022

Well! I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v Wade which returned to the individual States the ability to set abortion laws according to the desires of the people who live in those States. There will be much hew and cry and gnashing of teeth but now the real work begins.

Now it’s time to put money where our mouths are. These are just a few things that occur to me: 1. States need to re-evaluate their adoption laws – while we must always, always consider first the safety of the child so I’m fine with multiple background checks, but, there needs to be an adjustment to the cost of adoption. Right now it is extremely expensive to adopt and that puts the ability of good families to adopt at a great disadvantage. 2. Some of the babies who will now live – thank God! – will wind up in orphanages. Do some research in your location to find one and ask how you can help them support a possible influx of babies. Please keep in mind – everybody wants to adopt babies; older children need loving homes as well. We need to open our hearts to them. They are just as deserving and just as needy – everybody wants a home. 3. We must rally around those women who may have no choice now but to have a baby they don’t want (depending on where they live) and make the nine month journey as easy – and meaningful – as possible; their final decision to keep or give up their babies will be more difficult now and they need strong support.

It is our responsibility as Christians to support women on this journey. Many of us are too old to raise children, but we are never too old to come alongside them and do all we can to help them make the most of the life they’ve been given.