Begging your charity …

March 11, 2022

I have recently come into contact with some information that has made me praise God more fervently than I ever have before.

I promised this would not be a political blog and it won’t be but as I’ve learned of this information, I’ve started an article for another blog I write for. This article, in the works, praises God and notes verses from Scripture that anchors the opinions I’m sharing on that other blog.

I believe God is revealing His plan. I see it as so bright and shining that I don’t know how other people can miss it. There is a reason, and a season, for all the works of God’s hand and I think, believe, am certain, that we are seeing this now. Scales are falling off eyes, plugs are coming out of ears. There’s a change coming – you can count on that. And it’s the perfect orchestration of God that is bringing this information to us.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!


11 thoughts on “Begging your charity …”

  1. So what are you seeing?  …. a worldwide spiritual awakening or the groundwork for the End Times (of course everything is a ground work for the End Times but I’m talking immediately).  Tina J.    

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    1. An amazing amount of information is coming out about the World Economic Forum, as well Schwab and that massive group of socialists who have burrowed, like some kind of dirt animal, so deeply in the Western governments.

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      1. Not kind at all, just telling the truth. I have learned so much from you and without your guiding hand I dunno where I would be with my spiritual life.

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