Sorry! Crazy day yesterday.

April 20, 2022

It started at 8 a.m. when the a/c repairman (who looked about 14 years old) arrived and did some maintenance on our equipment. He seemed to think that something purchase new in 2009 was now ‘old’. I’m glad I didn’t have to tell him my age. But it was a good purchase – yesterday was the first time we ever had it serviced and it was in great shape. After writing the check for under $100 (!), I walked him to the door and said, “I guess people tell you all the time about your wonderful smile.” He gave me a stunner and said, “Not til today!” Lovely young man.

And then getting the hubster ready and out the door to a doctor’s appointment (it really is like herding turtles sometimes), and then on to the various jobs and chores about the house and before I knew it – I was saying my Evening Prayers.

So. Tomorrow. Back on the horse and knuckling down to business. We’ll start looking at the New Testament readings for Morning Prayers. Have a great day and I’ll meet you here tomorrow.


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