Well … here I am again.

November 21, 2022

Apologies for missing Sunday’s Words on the Word. Sigh. Seems I had more ‘day’ than ‘time’. Life. Again.

But I have good news to share and that’s something. There are no churches in my area that belong to my denominational jurisdiction and so I ‘attend’ church via Face Book live streaming. I joined the church I’ve been watching and I tithe there so I’m a full member. It seems ridiculous to state this, considering I missed Words on Sunday, but I wrote to my priest that I have time on my hands and is there some way I can work for the kingdom and serve Jesus in His church?

Laughing – if you want to see a priest move real fast, tell him you want something to do, lol. I’m just teasing. We had a Zoom meeting and it was great. I took two pages of notes and at the end of the meeting, I had a new position!

There was a woman who was doing this project who died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Fr. Harlow and the treasurer, Laurie, tried hard to fill in the gap but as you might expect, things were falling through the hole. My new position is a continuation of the work the previous woman was doing. It’s a greeting card ministry, so to speak. When folks tell the priest they are having surgery, I send a card with a warm and caring message; if it’s someone’s birthday, I send a card of congratulations; if someone donates something to the church, I send a card of gratitude.

It’s not much on its face but think of the impact on the folks receiving the cards. Knowing the congregation is aware that there is a need, they are praying for the care and ease of the person. That note of thoughtfulness is a bright spot when folks are under stress and fear. It’s fun to know that people are aware that it’s your birthday and share your joy. It’s heartening to receive thanks for something given from the heart, to be acknowledged.

So that’s my happy news. The bad part is (you knew that was coming, right?) the bad part is my handwriting is horrendous! I used to have great penmanship – what happened to it? Where did it go? Since the idea behind the cards is to share a thought, I’ve taken to printing the message in the cards and oh, my. I wish I could say that’s much better but no – it looks like an eight year old printed the card!

Sigh. My way to deal with this is to think – people appreciate the effort and don’t think bad things about the sender. Yeah. I’m gunna go with that.


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